McTeddy Foster Home Care

McTeddy Foster Home Care, we give Teddy Bears a new life!

Our old website has been moved to: old McTeddy

New Website underway with our Teddy Bear Adoption Shop!

Teddy Bears have souls too!


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About Us

McTeddy Foster Home Care gives Teddy Bears their life back.


Chief Caretaker





Our Services

Help us to find a new loving home for our saved Teddy Bears and bring happiness in someone’s life. All our McTeddy Foster Home Care Teddy Bears can be adopted in our shop soon to come.

Teddy Bear Aid

We redesign, hand craft, repair, hand paint, and decorate our teddy bears.


We give our Teddy Bears in their very own way a new life, being that special Teddy Bear showing their character and telling you their very own special story.

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To Bear or not To Bear that is the Teddy!